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As requested by anon

NAC: Ed was James' father??? What have I missed????
— asked by buscemivida

Ed’s his uncle.

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could you post the screenshot of audrey from the secret about cooper asking her about clues?
— asked by Anonymous

Sure. I think I know which one you mean.

- C

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I just remembered something, even though they make it clear in the pilot, I totally forgot for the whole 2 seasons that Ed was James's father and Nadine was his mother.
— asked by Anonymous

Big Ed is James’ uncle. James’ mother, Colleen, and he live in a trailer. A scene with James’ mother was filmed but deleted. Here’s her scene in the script for episode 4.

A housetrailer in the middle of a lonely lot with a couple of aluminium lean-to’s off the house.
The shades on the windows are drawn. James is working on his Harley under a lean-to.
James looks up as a car drives down the driveway to the house. COLLEEN HURLEY exits the car, laughing, carrying a small suitcase. She’s forty, gave James his good looks. Her’s are
on the way out. She waves goodbye to the unidentified MIDDLE-AGED GENT behind the wheel and the car drives off.
Colleen sees James, waves, moves towards him.
        There he is, the fair-haired boy, where have you been, my
        fair-haired boy?
        I was at school. It’s a school day.
            (takes out a flask)
        God bless the public indoctrination system. Keeps the
        kids off the streets … streets are for street-cars and street-
        sweepers …
            (takes a drink)
        Where’d you go this time?
        Taught a kid in prison once, this was Ohio, all he wanted
        out of life was a job as a San Francisco street sweeper
        Ma, you been gone four days.
        Kiddo, here’s how it is; when the muse cries out, we’re
        helpless to resist. A poem, she said, four days worth.
        Yes, I replied.
            (trying to hide his feelings)
        Are you okay?
        Myself, I’ve been better. The poem’s pretty good.

(Revised 10/26/89, PINK)
Takes out a legal pad from the messy suitcase.
                COLLEEN (CONTINUED)
        I learned early on, write it down, escape the humdrum
        hand that life has dealt you. Play with marked cards.
            (puts on glasses, reads)
        ”Poet lariat/Rope, Rope/Bulldogged down, Rodeo
        Town/The last of the Sabine Women —”
        I don’t want to hear this right now -
        ” — Sun goes down, rodeo town/Lariat ropes a —”
She takes off her glasses, looks at him.
        Jimmy, are we being rude?
James picks up the flask, pours the remainder in the dirt.
                COLLEEN (CONTINUED)
        Okay, sonny boy, if it makes you feel better —
            (turns on her)
        You don’t know … anything!
        I know girl trouble when I see it. Some little logtown
        siren’s cut you up. I recognize the wound patterns.
            (almost laughs)
        Yeah, you sure can spot it, Ma.
        Am I right?
An awful, bitter pause.
        Her name was Laura.

                        (Revised 10/26/89, PINK);
41.  CONTINUED:(2)
        Lash yourself to the mast, Odysseus.
            (lifts her drink)
        Eat the lotus. Forget her. Sail on.
            (she strokes his face, compassionate)
        The danger for you, my darling boy, is you’ll never
        know whether she’s an angel or a harpie sent from hell to
        rend your heart, because believe me, she’ll be one or the
James is close to tears. He can’t combat this.

        She was both.
        Ah, but that’s the secret, Jimmy boy. They all are.
James is sickened. He lurches out the door.

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