NAS - I was hoping someone could explain why Cooper's hand suddenly started to shiver. There were other characters experiencing this too. But, why?
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There is no true answer, really. Only theories.

My personal theory is that their hands shake because of fear, or perhaps as a forewarning of approaching danger. I noticed in the Entire Mystery, thanks to the different angle, Mike’s hand shakes in almost the same manner as Cooper, Pete, Harold etc. after he recreates the sound of electricity (the scene where he says ‘I am the arm and I sound like this”. Listen on headphones, it’s the same noise that plays when the phone polls are shown). Someone on the Dugpa forum also noticed a connection between electricity and the shaking of hands. I think BOB had something to do with it as well. That was the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw only his hand emerge from the shadows later in the series.

I don’t have the time to go through all the topics on Dugpa forum to find the thread I mentioned, because I’m borrowing a friend’s computer, but I strongly suggest you check out this site for interesting facts and ideas.


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hey, thanks for answering! but yes, i think i'm going to get it as all the black lodge characters seem to hold it. i have a pretty good image of the symbol that way, if the other person with the tattoo ask needs it. i'll post it right now and tag this blog.
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I always thought the symbol on the ring looked like an owl. If it's turned the right side up, it will open the door to the White Lodge, while it will open the door to the Black Lodge if it's turned upside down. That's why The Man From Another Place holds it bottoms op.
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NAS ihave thought of it as the mountains aswell? But maybe showing it upside down shows either "this is what is going on below the mountains" or some paralell to twin peaks which is kind of "god" and the ring upsidedown makes you bad? Idunno?
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NAS I always figured the way the symbol went was with the 3 points up because its supposed to be a mountain range or the "Twin Peaks".
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NAS: When you see people wearing the Owl Glyph/Black Lodge Ring, it's worn with the diamond pointing toward the fingernail. But you might put meta into the direction it points indicating Lodge/Waiting Room destination. I just know when I get my ring tat, I'm going diamond toward nail. To that effect, any chance you can point out some HQ photos of the ring that can be shown to a tattoo artist?
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All I can suggest is checking Google images or taking some screen caps of your own. There are many close-ups in FWWM.

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Sorry, Batgrrrl, for some reason Tumblr won’t let me answer you normally.

The first photo is of the symbol as Cooper and the gang found it in Owl Cave. The second is how Earle corrected it. The latter seems to be the true way as that is how Mike (or the Man From Another Place) holds it and how it was placed under the Chalfont’s trailer. Hope that helps.

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